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Large numbers of books have been written about the guild system since the 19th century, including Companions’ memoirs, anthologies of songs, and ethnological and historical studies. The same is true of craft trades and other techniques.

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What does the library contain?

What does the library contain?

About 2000 titles, whose main subjects are the guild system and techniques (crafting of wood, metals, stone, etc.), as well as such focuses as social history and popular traditions. The library catalogue is amalgamated with those of other libraries and documentation centres attached to municipal cultural institutions, which can be accessed on the Tours municipal library website

If you already know the name of the author or title of the book you are interested in, carry out a search on the website. Bear in mind that a number of copies of the same book may be conserved at different documentation centres in Tours. Their location will appear on your search results.

Works in the Musée du Compagnonnage library may not be lent out. To consult them on site, you must make an appointment by telephone (+33 (0)2 47 21 62 20) or by email (

Some publications are not catalogued (reviews, journals, etc.). Please feel free to consult us if you are looking for a specific subject – we will do our utmost to answer your questions or to direct your attention to other libraries.

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